Wines of Campania

We came to this area called Irpina to explore a new wine region. Well you can't really call it "new" because some of these places have been making wines for 5 generations, but you can say new to most of us in the US. I'm not sure why we don't know these wines, my only guess is their Italian neighbors to the North are much better marketers.

We visited three wineries;
Mastroberadino - the oldest and largest
Feudi San Gregorio - the new generation, modern
Quintodecimo - family owned, small boutique. We spent 2.5 hours with the wine maker / owner

The whites:
Falanghina - this is just as good, if not better, than a Pinot Grigio. Crisp, light with a great fruit bouquet. If you can find it,try it! Great for a summer day.
Fiano Avellino - this is complex white, like a Chardonnay, but without the butter. Very good.

The reds:
Aglianico - very drinkable, medium body
Taurasi - big and bold. You need to let it age at least 4 years to avoid too much tannin.

They all import to NY (omniwines). I'll be looking for the whites as a nice alternative.

Here we are with Luigi Moio after spending two hours with him he has invited us to lunch when we are in Naples where he teaches chemistry.

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