Day 2 with Mario

So after our driving lessons Day One, as the trip Navigator, I was feeling kind of out of sorts with our driving incidents. So what do you do, hunker down and stay home or buck up, well we are in Italy so of course I'm scouring the Internet. I find an easy route out of town, an easy route into town and I have directions to a winery well off any map on-line or otherwise.

After a two and a half hour wine tasting (more on that later), we are driving with no incidents and I'm starting to feel a little cocky. I've got this trip back to the hotel nailed...

Those Italians, such smart engineers - Who makes an autostrada with the EXACT same number that goes east/west & north/south? I'm not making this up. So we get on the freeway at that particular intersection and needless to say we went a good 30 miles out of our way. This I have to take as my own mistake, as Mario was only following my lead, which by the way once back on the east/west highway, we had no issues getting to the hotel.

Patty LeDonneComment