The Story of The Road to Wine

I am not a wine professional. I’m not a travel agent. I’m simply passionate about travel and wine.
— Patty, founder of The Road to Wine

It all started on our honeymoon to Italy, one amazing trip through Tuscany and we were hooked. We came home with a desire to learn all we could know about wine. We attended wine tastings, took classes, held blind tastings and hosted many food and wine pairing dinners. We were lucky enough to live in Washington State, and now California, so we’ve had access to an abundance of wineries.

As we explored more and different wine varieties, that thirst for travel resurfaced. We headed to France and somewhere between Bordeaux and Chateauneuf du Pape, we decided we wanted to travel to all of the wine regions of the world - and that’s our road to wine.

We’ve learned so much from our wine travels. As you travel, anything can happen, it’s all about getting yourself into situations and turning them into amazing experiences. If you stumble upon a place, explore, it may just become the best stop of your trip (yes, that has happened).

You may not speak the same language, but you can find common ground with wine. Soon it becomes more than the color, smell, or taste, but the experience. Of all of the benefits of traveling, the people are one of the most treasured gifts. Travel adventures can move you, especially when you meet people who share their passion for the wines they make, drinking that wine will become so much more.

We research the wine regions and wineries and then find local guides to provide context and history. This has allowed us to explore a region independently while taking advantage of local knowledge. As we make this journey, we wanted to share some of our explorations. Hope this inspires you to find your road to wine.