Still searching for our hotel in Benevento

Two wineries down and we are feeling pretty good. Now to find our hotel just 45 minutes North. Lessons continue... Never believe google maps and print the directions without thoroughly checking the route. There is nothing like getting off the highway at the exit furthest from your destination and trying to find your way through a city who's road system was probably developed 500+ years ago. Of course the map of the region has no level of detail and I've given up on my printed instructions. Okay so I give, turn on the data, save the day. No such luck, GPS can find us, but google maps has no details on the city. Okay don't panic, call the hotel. Lesson number, what number is this by now... No one speaks English in rural Italy! Oh ya, that's what we said we wanted. Ok find the city center, I remember it being close to all the sights and ask from there. A few instructions with waving arms later and we've finally parked the Fiat for the night.

The Roman Theatre in Benevento, 200 AD. It's like a miniature replication of the Forum in Rome except no crowds. Bring on the Lions I survived a day of driving in S. Italy!

Patty LeDonneComment