Driving with Mario - leaving Rome

You would have thought I learned my lesson 19 years ago when we first got a car in Italy, more specifically Rome. No, we don't need to take the train (says Mario) how hard can it be to get out of the city. Yes, last time we didn't have the Internet on our phone, but even this time I was instructed to turn off my data ($15/mb) and use my printed instructions and the map from the rental car company (who had no GPS units in stock). Well 45 minutes into what should be 15 to 20 minute max ride to the autostrada, I've turned my data on and good old google maps is finally coming through for me. So we went way North to go South, at least we made it to the highway. I will remind myself when I get my cell phone bill it was worth every penny.

So now we are on the Autostrada and I'm thinking it's time to kick back for a couple of hours. Oops no, I'm riding with Mario. Nothing like going 90 miles an hour in a little Fiat and god forbid we let any trucks get in our way. Now again I'm thinking, why did I let him talk me out of the train, or at least a really big BMW...

Mario's car, said Fiat.

Patty LeDonneComment