Food and People of Benevento

The history is an attraction which brings you to Europe, the wine is another strong contributor, but the food and people of Italy bring it all together.

Three people recommended this restaurant to us, as being traditional of the region, but the experience was such a nice touch; after being seated Momma Nunzia sits down with you and describes what she has made for the evening (her son helped translate for us) all handmade pasta and fresh fish of the day. We also went to a new place, the Unconventional Crazy Cook, who could resist with that name! The chef was experimenting with traditional cuisine in new ways.

I tried the same dishes in both restaurants...
Octopus and a local pasta in tomato sauce with goat cheese. Both fantastic, but I may give the edge to the new chef.

We usually try to find a small local bar and get to meet some of the locals, this time was one great experience. We stumbled upon a bar, Jimbo, which turned out to be owned by a character who loves Jim Morrison and thus named his bar after the musicians nickname. I think he may be Anthony's kindred spirit as his favorite movie is the Big Lebowski and his passion is Microbrew beers (which is becoming a new trend in Italy). For the three nights we were there we were treated like royalty, I think we may have been the first Americans they had meet. We had some great discussions; learning each others language, traditions and how small the world can be...

Patty LeDonneComment