The people of Naples

If I had to choose one word it would be passion.

In the area by our hotel we found some bars where the locals gather after work. Some providing happy hour from 7 to 10pm with free food to nibble on. What was unusual was having a selection of wines by the glass, most have just one house wine, and seats at the bar, most people stand or sit at outside tables.

As Tony and I are debating the best white wine of Campagna, I ask a women her favorite. Next thing you know she is buying me a glass of her favorite, not on the written menu. As the night ensues we meet all of her friends, at least the ones who can speak a bit of English, so she has a translator. One is a chef who works on cruise ships and has just returned from France, another quite a crazy guy had lived in Miami and the list goes on.

They hate their government, love their family, and all have an opinion on the best spot to vacation in Italy. Their passion was ever so apparent when they debated for close to 30 minutes on where to send us to dinner. We parted with pictures, hugs and well wishes.

It made me wonder how we would embrace travelers in our town. It surely made a nice experience that much more memorable.