Mario's parting shot

So we agreed to drop the car a day early and hire a driver to take us up the Amalfi coast. We'd heard enough about the coast highway to know our marriage may not survive "that" driving experience. Now we just had to get the car back to the Salerno airport and the hotel in Positano was having someone pick us up.

We start out from the our hotel in search of the autostrada going South. Little did we know at the time, the sign was long since faded out, so we end up on the autostrada going North. Mario is not pleased, maybe he didn't have enough breakfast, but after paying two tolls to get back on going the right direction he is irritated to no end.

I wish I had pictures of this... as Mario is pulling out of the toll booth and putting his change in his pocket, and struggling for the umpteenth time to get his seat belt back on, the car behind us starts honking. Now this was just enough to send Mario over the edge and the finger comes up. A heated argument ensues, but the most precious thing was the look on the lady passengers face, why us?

Here are some shots of the coast highway. Mario is relaxing, and with our driving experience behind us, turning back into the fun loving Tony I know and love. Here's to having someone else drive - Ching, Ching!

Patty LeDonneComment